If you arriving at Cardiff Central station, the Cardiff City Stadium is 1.4 miles away (approx. 20 minute walk). We show the quickest walking route on the map.
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Take a left out of the station - Left again at Wood Street which will take you over a bridge across the Taff, (you will see the Millennium stadium on the right hand side - the home of our national egg chasing team) take another Left off the the road and onto the path under the railway bridge (beware low flying cyclists with bells that demand you dive for cover if rung - just ignore!). The River Taff is now on your left and you are on Taff Mead Embankment - Take the second right into Merches Gardens, you will see the 'Grangetown Taj Mahal!' a Hindu temple at the end of the road - and there is a grassed 'central reservation' proceed to the end of the road so that you pass the temple on the right. Cross the main road (Clare Road) and you will be at the start of Cornwall street. The Neville Pub has now closed which makes no difference to you as a visitor as I wouldn't have recommended you stopping in there anyway!! Proceed all the way to the end of Cornwall Street (3/4 of a mile(ish) ). Half way down on the right is the Cornwall pub where you may fancy some "refreshment" you will be able to mix safely with the locals in this pub - most of whom will also be going to the game. Proceed to the end of Cornwall Street - if you've lost your sense of direction 'hic!' due to a prolonged pit stop!! then by now the main flow of traffic will be towards the ground and that's to the right (unless you're an Accrington Stanley fan and the Bluebirds have slipped down a league or three since typing this!!, in which case it'll just be me walking down the road - but then I'll probably be in the pub anyway!!) Cross the road at the end of Cornwall St and take a right up Sloper Road, proceed up the road and the visitors entrance is on the left just past the burger van! A warm welcome awaits you in the stadium - with bar staff in your teams colours - have a great day, enjoy the match - enjoy Cardiff! have a safe journey home, but please DO NOT take any points back with you!!

The route is shown on the map above as a purple dotted line - - - - - - - -

You may observe on travelling to the game and in the stadium that almost all the home fans are wearing Blue shirts, hats, scarves to show support for Cardiff City, this is because the re-branding of Cardiff City to red is massively unpopular amongst the vast majority of Bluebird fans - and one day we hope the team will return to it's true colour and identity, until then many of us are in complete denial of the whim that has turned it's back on our historical identity - afterall... We're Cardiff City We'll always be Blue!!

Questions that thecardiffcitystadium.co.uk map answers...

Q. How far is the Cardiff City Stadium from Cardiff central railway station and Cardiff central bus station.
A. A fraction under 1.5 miles if you use our suggested pedestrian route shown on the map - this walk should take approximately 20 minutes at a leisurely pace

Q. How far is the Cardiff City Stadium from Cardiff city centre.
A. Pretty much the same reply as above ie. a fraction under 1.5 miles if you use our suggested pedestrian route shown on the map - this walk should take approximately 20 minutes at a leisurely pace.

Q. Are Pubs in the town centre and in Canton freindly for away visitors. (with the exception of bubble trips from west!)
A. In the good old? or rather very much the bad old days, as with plenty of other clubs the answer was no! however as that closet Bluebird fan (Bob the Bluebird) once sang... Times they are a changing, and common sense prevails. As a local I am not aware of any pub that is known as a no go area, however if you turn up in large numbers and very vocal, well perhaps you are going to attract like minded local fans - and the mixture of alcohol fuelled 'banter' could get out of hand. So, do the opposite and you'll probably end up sharing notes on how tough it is to support your particular team and sharing a laugh, a joke and a pint with Bluebird fans. However if in the city centre or Canton a pub feels awkward in any way then you've got many other options to choose from, about 30ish less than 25mins walk to ground - so take your custom somewhere else that deserves it!!

Q. What's the away fan experience at the Cardiff City stadium like?
A. As a lifelong home fan I can't comment from personal experience, however by all accounts the answer is.. Very Good!... your clubs posters, videos, staff wearing your clubs colours, food from your neck of the woods!!! checkout this link --- I'm not being funny but the home fans don't get treated as well as that!!

Q. Why are most Cardiff City fans wearing blue when the team play in Red?
A. Haven't got a clue!! - it makes zero sense to the vast majority of us? but myself and very many like minded Bluebirds will carry on wearing blue until we return to our rightful colour!!



The Cornwall
The Grange
Mavericks Steak Ranch
The Sandmartin
The Victoria Park
The Clive
The Corporation
The Lansdowne
The Romilly
The Butchers Arms
The Goscombe
The Admiral Napier
The Kings Hotel
The Foresters
The Canton Cross
Canton Sports Bar
The Westgate
The Cayo Arms
The Mochyn Du


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See the route from Cardiff City centre rail or bus station to the stadium by bus - train or walking

NEWS FROM the Cardiff City Stadium...
30th Oct: Bon Jovi is coming to the Cardiff City Stadium!! Wednesday June 12th 2013 as a part of their worldwide tour.

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